Reflexology Training

Reflexology Training

So, you’d like to become a reflexologist.


  • What kind of training is required?
  • What courses or schools are available?
  • Is there online training?
  • What are the State or Federal requirements to become a Reflexologist?

There are many questions to answer before diving in. Here we will look at what is required to become a Reflexologist. Afterall, you can’t just hang a sign on your door that says “Reflexologist and wait for the customers to pour in.

Reflexology is really a form of massage therapy and each State has its different rules and regulations. Most States or cities require some amount of training. As an example, in Los Angeles California you are rquired to have 100 hours of massage training and a test is required. You may walso be required to undergo a venereal disease and AIDS test. Alabama requires 650 hours of education as well as passing a written exam. Utah, Vermont and Virginia have no requirements. So, you’ll need to check with your particular State and City to determine exactly what is required. Even if your State has no requirements you’ll surely want to get some training in order to perform your practice properly and professionally. Take a look at our article on Reflexology courses to learn where you can get that training.

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