Reflexology Spas

Reflexology Spas

There are a number of Reflexology Spas around these days and the number is growing. If you do a quick search for your area you should be able to find a spa close by.How is a reflexology based spa any different then other spas?  Well, first off they focus on reflexology. While a normal spa may provide a basic massage, steam bath and perhaps a makeover a reflexology based spa is a little different.

First, you will most likely receive a foot bath in warm tea or steaming towels. The reflexologist should ask you if you have any physical complaints so that they can decide which reflex points to focus on when doing your massage. They should also ask you how much pressure is comfortable for you. Too much pressure and it won’t be relaxing. Too little and it won’t be effective. A good reflexologist can read body language to tell if they are causing discomfort with the pressure.

In a typical one hour reflexology spa session they should have time to cover all your foot reflex points and probably work out the tension in your scalp and shoulders with general massage as well. So, not only will you get the benefit of reflex point stimulation but also leave feeling relaxed and tension free.

Many spas will have introductory specials for new customers. This is a great way to try out a new spa to see if you like it. I’ve seen specials as low as $29.99 for a one hour foot reflexology massage. You can also find half hour sessions or full body massages as well.

Try to look for a spa with certified reflexologists as they will be more familiar with the correct application of pressure to the reflex points and which points to emphasize depending upon your physical condition. You can also check out reviews online for many of the available spas and pick one that is well thought of.

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