Reflexology Massagers

Reflexology Massagers

While Reflexology can be extremely relaxing and effective for the patient the one doing the massaging can sometimes experience fatigue in the hands and fingers. This is due to the amount of pressure and repetitive movement required to do an extensive massage. Zone therapy, Reflexology and acupressure all utilize similar techniques. So, not surprisingly there are a number of different tools available to help make the application of these techniques easier for the practitioner.Some of these tools are electronic while others are not. Some reflexology massagers are designed for self application of Reflexology.

The non-electronic tools include many types of spiked or nubbed balls or rollers. One example of a roller is the Stirling Reflex Roller.  It is designed to fit between your hands and, when rolled, the rubber spikes will manipulate the reflex points on your hands.

stirling reflex roller


Another similar device is the Magic Reflexer which is essentially a rubber ball with large hard rubber nubs or projections on it. When rolled in the hands the nubs with apply pressure to the reflex points in the hands.

magic reflexer







There are also hand held probes designed to apply pressure to specific reflex points such as the Reflexocure Probe shown here.

reflexology probe

Clamps can also be purchased to apply pressure automatically such as these.


reflexology clamps


Here is an example of an electronic reflexology massager. The Silver Star Accu-point Massager.

silver star massagerThe massager has a small electric vibrating massage motor and also can supply a small electrical stimulus to a specific area. This makes massaging the reflex points a lot easier than it would otherwise be.







If you check around you’ll find there are hundreds of different massagers and related tools to help you with your reflexology practice. If you’re applying reflexology to someone else or even to yourself there is surely a tool or implement that you can find and utilize to your benefit. Just be sure to research them a little before buying to make sure you get a tool that will suit your needs properly.

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