Reflexology Courses

Reflexology Courses

If you’re interested in learning more about Reflexology and perhaps how to do it properly then you may want to look at a reflexology course. You have a choice of in person seminars or online courses. Obviously, a person to person course is preferable because you can get hands on training. But, if you don’t live near a seminar location or don’t have the money for it then an online course can be beneficial. Most are video courses so you can see what is done and how it is performed.

Online courses can cost from $40+ to nearly $1000. It might be best to try an introductory course to begin with just to make sure it is something you want to pursue. A beginner’s course will cover subjects such as:

  • The definition of reflexology.
  • The basics of human anatomy as they relate to reflexology techniques.
  • How to use reflexology charts.
  • The zones and reflexology techniques.
  • Reflexology for common ailments.
  • Basic hand reflexology.
  • Basic foot reflexology.
  • Various approaches to reflexology.
  • Hot to set up a reflexology session.
  • The basic practice of reflexology

There are quite a number of schools offering reflexology courses online. A quick search and you should be able to find quite a few that will fit your needs. Some offer basic reflexology as well as certification courses and “masters” reflexology courses. You will also find courses on hand and ear reflexology.

You may also want to search for seminars in your area. On top of the basic seminars you can find others on Meridian Therapy, Qi healing, Reiki healing, acupressure and other related practices.

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