Reflexology and Sex For Men

Reflexology and Sex For Men

Can your sex life be enhanced through the use of Reflexology?  Yes, it most likely can. It’s pretty common knowledge that foreplay can play an important role in arousing a woman and leading her to the point that most men want to get to. Well, incorporating reflexology into your foreplay may increase your odds of reaching home plate.

Of course a sensual massage is almost always welcomed by a woman but try adding specific reflexology points to your massage technique. There are a few reflex points you can focus on. One point is just below the ankle bone. There is a depression just below the ankle on the inside of the leg that contains a reflex point that allegedly can stimulate the sex organs in the body. Using your index finger or thumb apply a light pressure at that point and rotate in a small circular motion. The hollow point on the outside of the ankle corresponds to fertility and libido so you may want to try those as well.

The middle of the sole of the foot is another important point. Use your thumb to apply pressure in a circular motion to the upper middle part of the sole. This point corresponds to the chest area and breasts. On the inner edge of the sole there is a point that can stimulate the stomach and pelvic area.

Also, if she is complaining of a headache don’t forget that reflexology can help you in that department as well. Pressure applied to the fleshy part of the bottom of the big toe can help relieve a headache and put your woman back into the mood you desire.

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