Reflexology And Pain Manangement

Reflexology And Pain Manangement

Can Reflexology work as a pain management alternative? Many people that suffer chronic pain end up investigating different complementary and alternative medical treatments either because traditional medicine is not very effective or because the pills they need to take for their pain cause unwanted and sometimes intolerable side effects. Reflexology is one of those alternative methods – but does it work?

One study titled: Reflexology Reduces the Requirement and Quantity of Pain Killers after General Surgery conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Science looked at 60 patients that were suffering from post-operative pain after undergoing general surgery.  The patients were divided into two groups one of which received pain pills as well as reflexology treatments and the other that received the same pain pills but no reflexology treatments. Patients used a pain score of 1-10. Patients in the reflexology group showed a significant decrease in pain scores and required less pain medication then did the non-reflexology group.

The study’s conclusion was that “The effect of Foot Reflexology causes a significant reduction of requirement and quantity of painkillers and significant reduction of pain score in Group I in comparison with Group II in post-operative patients of general surgery.” This leads one to conclude that reflexology does in fact have some beneficial effect when used for managing or treating pain.

Other studies have shown that reflexology has some benefit for headaches, stomach pain, foot pain, and even labor pains and pain associated with pregnancy. Many of these studies are on a case by case basis with no control group so can not be seen as undeniable proof. Yet, with so many people claiming a benefit it is hard to see why someone suffering from pain would not at least try reflexology as a possible remedy or management technique.

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