Reflexology and Constipation

Reflexology and Constipation

Can Reflexology be of use in treating constipation? Possibly. A few studies have been conducted that looked at just that question.

One study titled: EXPLORING THE APPLICATION OF FOOT REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF FUNCTIONAL CONSTIPATION evaluated whether or not reflexology was effective in treating functional constipation. They studied 40 subjects both male and female from age 48 to 90. Half of the subjects had constipation symptoms and half did not. All were given a carbon tablet to cause black stool. The study group was administered ten 30 to 40 minute reflexology sessions every other day. After close study and statistical evaluation it was concluded that foot reflexology is “highly effective in curing functional constipation”. Yang Yu-Ru, Chao Ling-Yun, Meng Guan-Ling, cao Su-wen, Hao Jia-Mo, and Zhang Suhui.

Another study looked at 20 subjects, all female, that suffered from chronic constipation. They received reflexology treatments two times a week for one month and the one treatment a week for 7 weeks totalling 15 treatments in all. Prior to the study the average participant experienced a bowel movement every 4.1 days. After the reflexology treatment the average dropped to 1.8 days. And, while forty percent of the subjects experience painful defecation prior to the study none experienced pain after the treatments. So, in this case reflexology appeared to have a positive effect on chronic constipation sufferers. USING REFLEXOLOGY TO RELIEVE CHRONIC CONSTIPATION: Leila Ericksen, FDZ Research Committee.

These two studies seem to show that reflexology, especially foot reflexology, does have some positive effect on chronic and functional constipation. Those suffering from this ailment may want to explore the potential the reflexology has in this area.

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