Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy

Definitely related to Reflexology is the practice of Meridian Therapy. Meridian Therapy attmepts to achieve a balance between a persons bodily organs and emotional or spiritual elements.

The human body, in theory, has 12 meridians along which a kind of bio-energy flows. Think of a meridian as a channel or river. The channels are symmetrical and run all along the body. Each pair of meridians is related to a specific organ of the body. Along each meridian are a number of “points” at which energy flows from the channel and into the muscular structure. Sometimes these points can become congested or imbalanced. This can cause disease or illness. So, the idea is similar to acupressure or acupuncture. When a practitioner stimulates the correct points the energy flow will become re-balanced and flow properly through the body thereby alleviating the associated problems.

In meridian therapy the practitioner follows the lines of the meridian with their fingers and either increase energy flow to strenghten certain parts of the body or weaken the flow in order to sedate the median. Most practitioners use just their fingers but some will use magnets and some more experienced therapists will use just their mind to mentally trace meridians.

Some believe that even negative emotions are caused by imbalances in energy flow. One pratice called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT claims that all emotional distress is utimately a result of some sort of disturbance in the bodies energy system. They believe there are 14 meridian points on the body that when tapped can restore balance to the energy flow. This can allegedly help with problems such as Dyslexia, anger, fear, cravings, stress and other psychological issues.

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