Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

According to most reflexologists hand reflexology is just as effective as foot reflexology. As with the feet, there are points on the hands that correspond to nearly all of the glands, organs and other parts of the human body. And, as with with foot reflexology, manipulating these points on the hands can help balance energy flow and increase blood circulation in the body. Many times the hands are used along with the feet during a reflexology session. They can be done before or after the feet or even on their own. This is especially useful if the feet are injured or overly sensitive.

One of the minor disadvantage of hand reflexology is that the reflex points are deeper than in the feet so require stronger pressure and may take longer to be effective. So, the reflexologist will have to apply more pressure for a longer period of time on each reflex point then they would on a foot reflex point.

Normally a reflexologist will give the person receiving the reflexology a hand massage. Afterwards they will apply pressure to a reflex point using a finger or the thumb. They will rotate their finger in a circular motion over that point for 3-5 seconds. Then they will rotate in the other direction for the same amount of time.

You’ll notice that the reflex points on the fingers are very similar to those on the toes. The points on the fingers represent points on the body from the neck up. In fact it is actually easier to work these points on the finger then on the toes because there is more room to work with.


Most agree that for self-applied reflexology the hands are the best to work on and are especially useful for relieving headaches.

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