Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology was originally based upon the feet and later branched out to the ears and hands. But, foot reflexology is still the most predominant form of the practice. You can find foot reflexology charts all over the internet which will show you the points on the feet that relate to their respective parts of the body.

The exact definition of foot reflexology is a little difficult because at one point reflexologists were sued by the medical profession for practicing medicine without a license. This was mainly due to the how they were defining reflexology and the claims that were made regarding its effectiveness. So, the definition was changed in order to eliminate any ambiguity as to whether a reflexologist was practicing medicine or not. Nonetheless, foot reflexology basically uses the fingers or similar instrument to manipulate or massage specific points on the feet in order to relive congestion or stress in the body thereby possibly leading to better health.

Ok, now that we have the definition out of the way let’s look at how reflexologists view the technique.

If you move your cursor over the chart you’ll see different labels associated with different parts of the human body. The points tend to follow the body from top to bottom meaning that points related to the head tend to be near the toes while lower parts of the body tend to be nearer to the heel. As you can see on the chart, points on the big toe relate to the head and brain while points on the heel relate to the lower back.


By using pressure and massage on these specific points the reflexologist can, theoretically, reduce congestion or stress in the body. The primary theory behind this is that the human body has an energy or life force flowing through it that at times becomes congested of partially blocked. The manipulation of the reflexology points reduces or eliminates these problems and allows the energy to flow efficiently and properly through the body. A healthy energy flow translates into a healthy body.

Now, if you have lower back pain it doesn’t necessarily mean that the reflexologist will focus only on your heel. Theoretically the reflexologist is able to tell where the problems with your energy flow are because of sensitive areas on your feet. It may be a kidney issue that is causing your back pain so the reflexologist would work on that area of your foot as well. You can see how any poorly worded or expressed definition of reflexology could give the impression that the reflexologist might be “practicing medicine”. So, they are normally very careful about how they express what they do and its effectiveness.

In the end foot reflexology, even if it does nothing to enhance energy flow, still results in a very soothing and stress relieving experience that will reduce tension and anxiety and certainly shouldn’t be detrimental to anyone receiving it. Just keep in mind that those with true medical issues should see a physician to get a complete and professional diagnosis and not just rely upon reflexology or any similar alternative method.

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